Gluten and Grain Free Recipes Inspired by my Sweet and Savory Life

Whenever I have people over,I always do a spread. Sometimes it’s big. Sometimes it’s small. But I do it because it makes people feel adored, and people who are adored usually adore you back, and that’s really what life is all about. Cheese, love, adoration, and of course, more cheese.

There is something truly magical that happens around a beautiful table of cheese. The typical response is “Wow, this is gorgeous. I can’t believe you did this for me!!” And then they nibble, talk, laugh, interact, ask questions, smile, and say “Mmmmmm” in between mutterings of, “Oh my God, this is the best cheese I‘ve ever had!!!”

Meanwhile, you’ll be over there thinking, “I spent 15 minutes at the store, another 15 minutes cutting everything up, and these people think they’re at the French Laundry and I’m Thomas Keller, and I never even turned on the stove, HOT DAMN I’m good!”

In this simple guide, I’ll talk about constructing a gorgeous spread of nourishing, wholesome, and delicious ingredients using a handful of cheeses and several well-chosen accompaniments like fruit, meats, nuts, and olives. I’ll teach you how much to buy, and how to serve, store, and pair accompaniments, including wines, to produce the cheese spread of your dreams.

It is my wish for you to enjoy this simple guide to eating and enjoying delicious cheese, while creating moments and memories with your loved ones that will last a lifetime.

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